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Becoming who you might have been

Who would you be if you unwrapped your potential?

We all have potential within us to be who we want to be. 


Sometimes we need some support to unwrap that potential.  This is where coaching can be useful.

I set up Unwrapping Potential because I believe that we can all become an even better version of ourselves, by exploring our beliefs and behaviours and gaining clarity on our full potential.

  • Do you have the life and career you thought you’d have?

  • Do you feel frustrated, disappointed or even resentful that your career has been “on hold”?

  • Or do you worry you’ve missed the boat, and don’t know where to start to get your career back on track?

  • Do you feel it’s your turn now?


Working with me will help you find the path to 'Becoming what you might have been', my signature programme of coaching.

We create your plan to unwrap your full potential and move you forward to the career you always rightfully deserved, the career you thought you would have before you had a family.  All while maintaining your family and work in a fairer balance.

I work with both individuals and corporations.




Women who feel that their life and career are not what they thought they would have, before they had children.




Workshops such as confidence or creating balance and speaking engagements, on topics such as fear of failure or learning to self promote.

To find out more, Contact Me.

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