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About Paula Sheridan


Paula Sheridan established Unwrapping Potential following a successful career working for FTSE100 companies, where she held high level European and Global roles in sales, marketing, trading strategy, market research and commercial strategy

Paula built a reputation for excellent collaborative leadership and insight, analytical and communication skills, which led to her training and working as an internal coach.  She also organised and delivered highly successful internal conferences and learning events. 

Paula is a skilled coach, having undertaken extensive training recognised by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  Her mission is to help clients unwrap their potential and exceed their own expectations.  She is a member of the ICF.


Paula knows what it is like handling difficult situations at work, navigating your career and balancing that with a family and a partner.  

So, her passion in coaching is helping women who are overlooked in the workplace to get the recognition and opportunities they always deserved.

About Unwrapping Potential

‘Unwrapping Potential’ comes from a belief that people are creative, resourceful and whole.  

Unwrapping Potential is a coaching and consultancy business specialising in developing individual and organisational high performance, through workplace coaching, workshops and speaking engagements.  I work with clients to tailor a variety of interventions to meet their objectives for driving performance and results.


We all have potential within us to be who we want to be.  A coach does not provide answers to overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.  The client finds their own answers, but the coach helps them to do so, to ‘unwrap their potential’.

Coaching is also a partnership that supports change in individuals and teams.  Your coach will be your supportive partner, but will also challenge you.  You, as client, are the coach's complete focus during sessions and they will listen and challenge you to think and act differently as a result.  Coaching conversations are confidential and a place to explore options.  With your coach, you will identify how you can make the changes to take you towards your goals and be held to account to deliver against those agreed changes.

I strongly believe that we can all become an even better version of ourselves, by exploring our beliefs and behaviours and gaining clarity on our full potential.

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