Coaching Individuals

‘Unwrapping Potential’ grew from a belief that people are creative, resourceful and whole.  We all have potential within us to be who we want to be.  A coach does not provide answers to overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.  The client finds their own answers, but the coach helps them to do so, to ‘unwrap their potential’.

The kinds of questions or situations that lead individuals to seek coaching can include:

  • feeling stuck in an area of their life

  • exploring decisions

  • looking for new opportunities

  • confidence

  • feeling overwhelmed by work and home, wanting to achieve a better balance

Coaching can involve looking back through our lives and learning about the ‘life scripts’ we have absorbed and the limiting beliefs that go with them. 


With a coach’s support, a client can learn how to confront and overcome these limiting beliefs and messages and move and change beyond them.  It can be challenging for any of us to do this, but many clients report seeing a radical transformation in their life, their beliefs about their abilities and in their relationships.

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